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Indulge Yourself; Be Healthier!

Talk about fitness tends to be all about what you have to give up or the grueling work you have to do to get in shape. Some fitness habits seem downright indulgent though! Here are a few to think about:

1) Get enough sleep. Adults need 6-8 hours a night to function best. Getting less not only makes you cranky and less productive; it can also hamper weight loss by depriving you of essential hormones that are released while you sleep. 

2) Get a massage. Massages can help ease muscle soreness caused by working out, assist in mitigating physical imbalances, and just help you feel healthy, full of vitality and ready to conquer the world. 

3) Eat high quality food. Fresh, juicy fruits, lean meats and veggies cooked to perfection and small amounts of dark chocolate are all good for you and delicious! Eat the best quality food you can. Your body and your taste buds will thank you. 

4) Make exercise your "you time". Yoga and tai chi are relaxing and de-stressing. Running and walking can be a stress-free, solitary time. Team sports can be a ton of fun. Whatever your preference, find something you enjoy and focus on your enjoyment while you're being physical. Exercise will stop being a task and start being something you can look forward to.