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I get so sick of hearing and seeing variations on the phrase "weight loss secrets." 

Secrets? Really? Is there some super weight-loss cult out there plotting and hiding this information from the rest of us? And Glamour Magazine, or whatever product is boasting the "Secrets" headline is our only hope of getting this amazing, magic information that will make us instantly slim and perky? 

First, I object to the wording. There are no weight loss secrets. There is so much information freely available on the topic floating around on the internet among other sources that one could never hope to wade through it all. Some information is more reliable and relevent, but trust me, none of it is kept under wraps, and no magazine or website writer has "inside info" on this stuff. They research the information that's available, maybe talk to an expert or two, and give an opinion on what they think will help the most. Somehow, using the word "secret" seems to sell magazines and DVDs, so it's used as often as humanly possible.

More importantly, I object to the idea. Everyone is aware of the very basic principles of losing weight. Eat in moderation and exercise often. Sure, there are ways to go about this more efficiently and there are things that might affect your outcome such as hormones and there are things that can help to an extent like thermogenic drugs. But without at least one, and preferably both of those two foundations, significant weight loss will not occur. Both concepts represent having to put effort into changing our habits, and we hate that! So, we keep reading up on these so-called "Secrets" and hope that something will eventually tell us we don't have to eat right or exercise and it'll actually work. 

In the meantime, we don't take the small steps that, if taken each day, will eventually, slowly and steadily (and we hate that too, in our society of instant gratification) get us to the weight and level of health where we want to be. 

My advise as a fitness professional is to stop waiting for some mystical weight loss secret and start doing something small each day to get where you visualize yourself wanting to be. Take a walk. Put half your restaurant meal in a doggie bag for later. Meet a friend for a game of tennis or chat on the elliptical machine for 20 minutes. The more you do them, the more ingrained these habits will become, and you won't have to worry about it all so much, because slowly and steadily, you'll get there!