Philosophy / Mission Statement

The mission of BalancePoint Fitness is to achieve excellence in safe, effective and personalized fitness training. With this in mind, BalancePoint keeps the following values at the core of its operations:

Honesty: The weight-loss  and fitness industry at large is based on advertising that promises big results for small efforts. BalancePoint offers honest assessment and instruction which allows clients to reach realistic goals based on the level of commitment they are willing and able to make to their program.

Education: BalancePoint strives to educate its clients with knowledge that will enhance their personal programs and to dispell common myths and misconceptions that exist on the topics of fitness and weight management.

Respect: BalancePoint views each client as a valuable human being to be treated with respect, regardless of initial fitness level, size, gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or disability.  Each client is treated with dignity at all times.

Personal Empowerment: BalancePoint strives to affect lives beyond the realm of the physical. By helping clients to reach goals many may never have thought they could, it is our hope to strengthen the confidence, resolve and effectiveness of clients in all aspects of their lives.

Balance: BalancePoint encourages clients to actively pursue balance in all areas of their lives. In the context of fitness, this means realistically balancing conflicting time demands, developing both nutritious and pleasant eating habits, designing challenging exercise programs which recognize the importance of rest and recovery periods, and striving to include fun and joy in motion.

Perseverence: Change happens gradually over time. Most people have started a fitness program only to stop as soon as the going got rough. By recognizing the value of realistic small steps and by providing support at every point in the journey, BalancePoint can help each client to keep going until they have achieved what they set out to do.

BalancePoint is committed to assisting each client in improving their physical fitness, health and overall quality of life.